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PLN preps to supply 2 MW electricity to PNG’s Vanimo

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) – Indonesian state electricity company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) is gearing up to supply electrical power to Vanimo, the capital of Sandaun Province, in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

“We are ready to supply 2 MW of electricity to Vanimo, PNG,” PLN General Manager for Papua and West Papua Ari Dartomo stated in Jayapura on Tuesday.

In principle, PLN is ready to supply electrical power to Vanimo through its thermal power plant PLTU Hoitekam. However, it yet awaits approval from PNG.

PNG Power Limited is reportedly awaiting a seal of approval from the parliament, he revealed.

Since PLN had yet to receive confirmation from PNG, it postponed the signing of the contract.
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“Hopefully, PLN will soon supply electrical power to PNG, particularly Sandaun Province, which shares common borders with Jayapura,” he noted.

On a separate occasion, Vanimo-based Indonesian Consul Abraham Lebelauw remarked that the supply of electrical power had yet to be realized, pending approval from PNG.

“Until now, we have not received a reply to the draft agreement that we have sent to the PNG government,” he noted.

PLTU Holtekam, built on 25 hectares of land, has a gross power generation capacity of 2×12 MW and net electricity generation capacity of 2×10 MW.


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