Plane with 5 aboard reported blank in Indonesia’s Papua

इंडोनेशिया चौकाने वाला देश | Shoking Fact of Indonesia in Hindi

  • published: 27 Mar 2017
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Indonesia is a fourth many populated nation in a universe with 238,452,952 people (2004 est.) Half of a race lives in Java, There are 111 people per km² and a race of group and women is roughly equal. The land area is 1.904 million sq. km, or somewhat smaller than Mexico. The central denunciation of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia, though a sum of 737 languages are oral in opposite tools of Indonesia. Most of these many languages are usually oral among remote genealogical groups. Other languages widely oral in Indonesia embody Javanese, Balinese and Sundanese. Indonesia’s neighbors are Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and East Timor that share land borders with Indonesia. Other circuitously countries are Australia to a south, Singapore to a Northwest, and Philippines to a Northeast.

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