Pencak silat reflects nation`s character: President

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) believes that Pencak Silat is partial of Indonesias inhabitant informative birthright and one of a forms of a nations character.

President Jokowi rigourously non-stop a Teenage National Pencak Silat Championship ASAD 2017 on Tuesday during a Minhaajurrosyidiin Islamic Boarding School in Jakarta.

On a same occasion, Jokowi also greeted some eremite leaders of a school.

Jokowi highlighted that Pencak Silat, a form of martial humanities that originated in Indonesia, is globally well-known. Hence, Pencak Silat, as a form of a nations character, is a informative birthright that needs to be preserved.

“Without a recognition to safety a tradition of Pencak Silat, we would remove a nations character, and we should safety it together,” Jokowi remarkable in his matter while wearing a martial art forms normal outfit.

The boss removed his time as mayor of Solo when he had also inaugurated a same eventuality in that city. Jokowi inaugurated a Pencak Silat championship to denote his support for a tradition.

“Right now, we open a eventuality again, not as a mayor anymore though as a president,” Jokowi done a statement, that was applauded by a audience.

President Jokowi believes that Pencak Silat is a approach to denote ones work ethics and capability to all.

Moreover, Pencak Silat can assistance to rise a suggestion of competitiveness, generally among youngsters.

This is a form of impression building that a supervision is penetrating to exercise opposite a nation.

“I am happy, Kyai (a eremite leader) pronounced that Silat is not about fighting one another, though we wish to lend a clever impression to a teenagers. Brave to contest and fight,” he affirmed.

The championship will be hold on Aug 8-11, and a eventuality is a slight bulletin to find new Indonesian Pencak Silat athletes.

The eventuality is also as an bid to safety Pencak Silat as one of a forms of Indonesias normal informative heritage.(*)

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