Pattaya News News: Bali Hai bureau building a 25-million-baht white elephant

PATTAYA IS A PARADISE FOR SINGLE MEN? | Walking Street, Thailand Nigtlife

  • published: 23 Dec 2018
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Pattaya Thailand, this is a training video vlog for people who are going to transport to Thailand.

It was filmed on Walking Street in 2018. From this video, we can learn most useful information. For example: how does Walking Street demeanour in a evening; where to go in Pattaya; what is a best grill on Walking Street; because is Pattaya a bliss for retirees…

0:00 Pattaya Walking Street, thai quick food on street
1:49 Pattaya night scenes, Central Festival selling mall
2:46 Pattaya hotels, farang and thai lady going to a hotel on Soi Diana
3:28 Pattaya Soi Diana, thai massage parlors
3:53 Pattaya bars on Soi Diana
4:07 Walking Street Pattaya. Is Pattaya a bliss for singular men?
6:33 Pattaya after dark, freelancer girls watchful for customers
7:08 Pattaya nightlife, Glass House a go-go club
7:44 Pattaya is a bliss for retirees?
8:55 Thailand nightlife, Walking Street after midnight
9:29 Pattaya Thailand, mototaxi on Walking Street
14:13 Pattaya in a daytime, selling in Central Festival
14:47 Thailand automobile exhibition, we can see Toyota, Nissan, and other brands of cars
16:44 Pattaya Beach Road, day scenes
17:26 Pattaya 2nd Road, farang and thai woman
18:40 Pattaya Alcobus cocktail car, this is travel bar done from an aged automobile located during Central Festival selling mall


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