NYU Stern Executive Education to Host SRW&Co;.’s ASEAN Global Leadership Program (AGLP) in NYC

10 Things You Should Know About NYU ResLife

  • published: 11 Sep 2013
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10 Things You Should Know About NYU ResLife:
1. Use Your RA As A Resource
2. Get To Know Your Floormates
3. Go To Programs
4. Text Less, Talk More
5. Obey Fire Safety
6. Respect Quiet Hours
7. Utilize Your Resource Center
8. Respect Elevator Etiquette
9. Know And Respect Residence Hall Policies
10. Join Hall Council

The idea: About a month ago on a Sunday morning, we were unresolved around, brainstorming an suspicion for a song video that we wanted to record and film. While we were on a subject of being RAs again, we suspicion about all a videos that a university constructed to a incoming freshmen. There would be an informational video on Welcome Week, Move-in Day, Freshmen Year, though zero petrify on how to entirely take advantage of vital in a First Year Residence Hall. We thought, what if there was a discerning 10-pointer video that was ominous and humorous during a same time? The song video suspicion was scrapped, though another suspicion was born!

The video: We suspicion adult countless initial video concepts, though accepted that a incoming category would conclude a video that was attention-grabbing, funny, and concise. Our proceed to this video was so to emanate something that was both educational and humorous though didn’t feel drawn out. The preference was done to make a video, “10 Things You Should Know About NYU ResLife,” with any apportionment of a video seamlessly i…

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