Novanto files pretrial suit

The Senate and a House of Representatives Explained (Congress – AP Government Review)

  • published: 09 May 2016
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Tom Richey explains a powers of a particular characteristics of a dual houses of a United States Congress: a Senate and a House of Representatives. The Senate is a Upper House of Congress where all states are represented equally in a tiny legislative physique with elegant traditions. The House of Representatives, or Lower House, is a incomparable physique with seats apportioned formed on population. In further to a singular elegant traditions of “senatorial courtesy,” a Senate has a graphic powers of ratifying treaties and confirming presidential appointments to a sovereign bench, a cabinet, and of unfamiliar ambassadors. The House, being closest to a people and inaugurated some-more often, has a solitary management to trigger income (taxation) bills.

This element can be found in Chapter 12 of a Edwards content for AP Government in box anyone cares….

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