Breaking News | Trump impeachment hits next stage | Johnson compares Corbyn to Macbeth: WATCH the top world news videos for today

House Intel expected to release impeachment report

The report likely to lay out the evidence Democrats say shows Trump abused his office for personal political gain, and hands the baton over to the Judiciary Committee which will hold its first hearings on Wednesday.

Johnson compares Corbyn and Sturgeon to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Boris Johnson compares Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon to Macbeth.

US Supreme Court debates whether to dismiss gun case

The US Supreme Court’s consideration of a major gun rights case could end in a misfire, with the justices on Monday debating whether to dismiss a challenge backed by the powerful National Rifle Association to a New York City handgun ordinance.

Malaysian ex-leader Najib to take stand in 1MDB trial

Former Malaysian leader Najib Razak arrives at a court in Kuala Lumpur to defend his conduct in the 1MDB scandal, as the first of several trials linked to the multi-billion-dollar fraud enters a crucial stage.

18 000-year-old puppy found preserved in Russia

An 18 000-year-old puppy found preserved in permafrost in eastern Russia has been presented to the media for the first time. The puppy was discovered in the summer of 2018 and is believed to be the oldest canine discovered in the area.

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