Breaking News | Abused Russian sisters who killed father should be charged with murder, probe finds

Two Russian of three sisters who killed their abusive father in 2018 after suffering years of abuse should face murder charges, investigators said on Tuesday.

Krestina, Angelina and Maria Khachaturyan stabbed their father with a knife and beat him with a hammer following years of sexual and physical abuse.

At the time, they aged 17, 18 and 19.

Investigators recommended that the youngest sister, Maria, should enter mandatory psychiatric care.

In a statement on Tuesday, Russia’s Investigative Committee said it has completed a probe into the killing and have recommended that charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder be brought against the two older sisters – Krestina and Angelina.

The probe found that any mitigating circumstances were outweighed by the fact that the two older sisters “were of sound mind and aware of their actions at the time of the attack”.

They face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Lawyers and activists say the teenagers were forced to act to save their own lives, pointing to poor legal protections for abuse victims in a country where a separate law on domestic violence still does not exist.

Mari Davtyan, a lawyer for Angelina, told AFP the case should not go to trial in its current form.

She said the sisters “used reasonable force in self-defence”.

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