Netizens Allowed to Report ‘Negative’ Websites, Content Through ICT Ministry Initiative

Ministry – Burning Inside

  • published: 22 May 2010
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“Burning Inside,” taken from Ministry’s album, The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste (1989)
Industrial Metal

Will these dreams still follow me
When a dim comes, restorative time
Can’t we see it adult in a sky
As it kicks we in a face and sucks we dry
You never had a answers
And now we tell me a contribution are lies
I unequivocally couldn’t be worried with you
Get out of my face and watch me die
Burning inside! Burning inside!

Absolution and a solidified room
And a dreams of group below
I try to squeeze it though a hold is hot
The counterpart collects it, though a picture can not
I’m frightened of a dark and a light
I shock myself since we know I’m right
I see a immorality in your monster eye
As it cuts right by a sky
Burning inside! Burning inside!

Calming a mantra with a blade in his skin
For a demons within
I feel a pain as we start to decay
But a doctrine never fades away
Don’t need no shadows, spin them away
Become a male by a window pane
Another worker and a plant of fate
Another doctrine in hate
Burning inside! Burning inside!…

Article source: https://article.wn.com/view/2017/08/19/Netizens_Allowed_to_Report_Negative_Websites_Content_Through/

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