Morocco Calls on Algeria to Shoulder Its Responsibility With Syrian Refugees

Syrian Gas Attack is a Lie – “Stop Your Governments!” – Russia

  • published: 07 Apr 2017
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On Apr 7th, US warships delivered an bootleg blow to a Syrian airbase in Homs. Their justification was a new “chemical weapon” conflict on interest of a Syrian supervision in Idlib. The Kremlin cursed a strike as an act of charge opposite a emperor state, and a defilement of general law. Meanwhile, during a UN, member of Western governments try to pull by a fortitude that is formed on information taken out of skinny air. It includes a dismissal of Assad, either or not he was behind a attack.

It is noteworthy, that a usually genuine source of information on what took place, are a videos done by a White Helmets, an barbarous promotion organization as it pertains to a Syrian polite war. In this clip, Maria Zakharova calls on Western respresenatives/ reporters to hear Russia, and what it has to say. The conflict opposite a Syrian government, most like a Ghouta gas conflict in 2013, that precipitated a Syrian polite war, is a hulk masquerade for a troops industrial warhawks in a US, to put their income where their mouth is….

Article source: https://article.wn.com/view/2017/04/30/Morocco_Calls_on_Algeria_to_Shoulder_Its_Responsibility_With/


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