Morey wins initial theatre of Tour de Flores

Maumere, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) – Drew Morey, a member of Malaysias Terengganu Cycling Team, won a initial theatre of Tour de Flores, here, Friday.

The initial stage, covering a stretch of 136.3 kilometers (km), started from Larantuka in East Flores District and finished in Maumere in Sikka District.

Morey finished a competition in 28 mins and dual seconds, defeating Jamal Hibatullah from a KFC Cycling Team of Indonesia, who was left behind by dual seconds.

Genki Yamamoto from a Kinan Cycling Team of Japan finished third in a race.

The cyclists were greeted by Paolus Nong Susar, Sikka district head, and thousands of internal inhabitants while they approached a finish line.

The internal residents enthusiastically lined adult along a track to watch a race.

In a initial stage, a other winners were Wu Chih Hao from a Action Cycling Team of Taiwan in a “king of mountain” category, Hyeongmin Choe of a Geumsan Insam Cello group from South Korea in a “best sprinter” category, and KFC Cycling Team of Indonesia in a group category.

As many as 83 cyclists participated in a initial theatre covering a Larantuka-Maumere route, with several ascending and downhill roads and pointy turns.

In a second stage, to be hold on Saturday, a competition will start from Maumere and finish in Ende, covering a stretch of 142.8 km.

Mentioned herewith are formula of a initial theatre of Tour de Flores 2017 on Friday:

1. Drew Morey – Terengganu Cycling Team 3:28:02
2. Jamal Hibatullah – KFC Cycling Team +00:02
3. Genki Yamamoto – Kinan Cycling Team +00:10
4. Sanghong Park – LX Cycling Team +00:10
5. Hyosuk Gong – Terengganu Cycling Team +00:10
6. Arvin Moazamigodarzi – Pishgaman Cycling +00:10
7. Muhammad Abdurrohman – KFC Cycling Team +00:29
8. Nick Miller – Futuro Pro Cycling Team +00:44
9. Muhammad Imam Arifin – KFC Cycling Team +01:11
10. Amir Kolahdouzhagi – Pishgaman Cycling Team +01:11

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