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Ministry`s law on internet providers to advantage customers

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara settled that a breeze Ministerial Regulation on Over-The-Top (OTT) use providers will yield adequate services to internet users.

“This OTT process will residence 3 things, a initial being patron service,” Rudiantara remarked in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Rudiantara remarkable that such services need a earthy participation of unfamiliar use providers formed on information record in Indonesia.

“What matters is a (physical) presence, they have to emanate a association here, so that it can yield opportunities for people if they wish to board a complaint,” a apportion noted.

He explained that a participation of these use providers can be represented by a inhabitant use provider if it is not prepared to open bend bureau in a nearby future.

“It can be represented by mobile operators, since of their originality with a marketplace conditions if they settle offices here,” Rudiantara remarked.

The second thing that will turn a categorical emanate in a Ministerial Regulation ruling a operation of digital companies in Indonesia is a authorised obligations.

Meanwhile, a third thing is about a mercantile issues associated to taxation levies that will be imposed if it is famous that a association is benefiting from mercantile activities in Indonesia.

“For example, if Spotify enters Indonesia, it can be presented by Indosat. Any problem can also be addressed by Indosat and a requirement can also be represented by Indosat. The taxation is also paid by Indosat on interest of Spotify,” Rudiantara noted.

Rudiantara concurred that these 3 are schemes that have been blending to a benefaction times since of a change in a companys business indication and a fast expansion of universe of digital economy.

“We should be stretchable since business models are now changing and dynamics is happening. We need to be adaptive to a changes,” he revealed.

Rudiantara betrothed a distribution of a ministers regulation, which, after undergoing a open test, will be released immediately in a nearby destiny or during slightest before a finish of 2017. (*)

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