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Medan court chief faces police questioning over judge’s death

Medan, Sumatra (ANTARA) – The police intensively interrogated Medan District Court Chief Sutio Jumagi Akhirno over the death of Medan District Court judge Jamaluddin.

“The chief of the Medan District Court was questioned yesterday,” the court’s spokesman, Erintuah Damanik, stated on Tuesday.

Damanik remarked that seven employees of the district court, including the court’s clerk Teni Martini, chief of the general affairs section Arif Karo-Karo, judges Morgan and Dominggus, and clerk staff member Larasati, faced questioning as of Tuesday.

“In total, seven employees, including myself, have been questioned by the Medan City Police. Only one employee was questioned by the (North Sumatra) Provincial Police,” he revealed.

Jamaluddin was found dead in a ravine in Deli Serdang District, North Sumatra Province, on last Friday.

The body of the judge, concurrently the public relations service official of the Medan District Court, was found inside a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, bearing police number BK 77 HD.

Chief of the North Sumatra Provincial Police Inspector General Agus Andrianto noted that Jamaluddin was strongly believed to have been murdered.

The police also questioned two people, who had found the body of Jamaluddin, as witnesses.


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