Klopp: we don’t consider a choice was a mistake


Jurgen Klopp has shielded his preference following Liverpool’s “boring” 0-0 pull with Plymouth in a FA Cup third turn on Sunday.


Klopp put out a youngest starting choice in a club’s story as they struggled to mangle down a volatile Plymouth rearguard.

Liverpool tranquil a diversion with 80.3% possession though they couldn’t modify one of their 28 shots opposite a League Two side.

And a former Borussia Dortmund manager doesn’t consider maximising a girl during his ordering was an error.

“I don’t consider a choice was a mistake,” he pronounced after a compare during Anfield.

“I am obliged if we wish to see it in a bad way. we always select line-ups to win a game.

“We didn’t consider about a age. They are critical players in a squad.”

He did admit, however, that a group he put out opposite Plymouth could have played a lot improved while he bemoaned a “boring” FA Cup tie.

“We could have finished better, 100 per cent,” he added.

“In a initial half we mislaid calm too early: channel during a wrong moment, creation a wrong pass.

“We had a round all a time. It was boring, not a many sparkling game.”


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