Kalla opens ISEF 2017

Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA News) – Vice President Jusuf Kalla opened the Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) 2017, which is one of the biggest sharia financial and economic event in the country to integrate the financial and real sectors.

In his speech, Kalla stated that ISEF 2017 has given the Indonesian community the spirit to always progress through sharia economy, which is now developing very fast in the country.

“This will give us the spirit to always progress in a right way according to sharia,” he noted.

The vice president remarked that economic growth was one of the indicators for measuring the progress of a nation, in addition to economic justice. In the third quarter of this year, Indonesias economy grew 5.06 percent.

“Today, we discussed about methods on how to develop our economy (or), the system that we are going to use, as well as the goals we are going to achieve,” he explained.

Kalla will attend the ISEF 2017 events held in various regions from Nov 8 to 11, covering various competitions in the field of sharia economy.

The competitions include election of young sharia entrepreneurs, sharia economic ambassadors, and others, which is aimed to motivate younger generation to be involved in promoting sharia economy in the future.

Eighty leaders of Islamic boarding schools across the country and sharia activists, including sharia economic practitioners, academicians, and observers, are expected to attend the event.(*)

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