Jung fervent to grasp dream with South Korea during 2018 World Cup


South Korea midfielder Jung Woo-young believes if his group maintains their certainty they can sign a FIFA World Cup berth.

The Taeguk Warriors are now sitting second in Group A of a gift tiebreakers for a AFC conference, adequate for involuntary qualification. But Uzbekistan are only one indicate adrift and a South Korean still have dual tough games to play.

“It is a dream we have harboured given childhood,” reliable Jun on

“It [the remaining berth] will be motionless shortly and we don’t wish to finish with any regret. We trust we can finally bind a sheet to Russia 2018.

“Being frank, a fixtures supplement to a problems since we have to play a final diversion away.

“In Asia, a Korea Republic group have grown a repute of feeling clever opposite any team. We always trust that we are a best regardless of a opponents. We can make it by as prolonged as we say a confidence.”

South Korea face a undefeated Iran during home in Seoul on 31 Aug afterwards transport to Tashkent for a wily final tie opposite Uzbekistan, that could spin into a true shootout for a final involuntary subordinate mark in Group A.

Jung is underneath no illusions as to a plea that lies ahead.

“It is always a tip honour to play for your country, though it means shortcoming too,” combined a 27-year-old.

“I didn’t live adult to a expectations formerly though we am prepared to infer myself.”


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