Jones hails “absolutely superb” Ireland


England trainer Eddie Jones was full of regard for Ireland after his side fell brief of winning back-to-back Grand Slams.

Heading to Dublin with a second true Grand Slam on a line, as good as a record for a many uninterrupted wins by a Tier 1 team, England were outmuscled by a fired-up Ireland.

Jones was naturally unhappy during a initial better in assign though took heart from a certain Six Nations Championship, that England won with a diversion to spare.

“It’s a good outcome in terms of a Championship,” he told RTÉ Sport.

“We’re apparently unhappy currently that we were beaten by a really good Ireland side. They played to a conditions well, they were positively glorious and my hat’s off to Ireland.

“We only couldn’t get any movement in a diversion that again is a good credit to Ireland, who played really well. They defender well, they were glorious around a ruck and their line-out ruck was superb.

“It was their day currently and 100 percent congratulations to Ireland.”

Jones also re-iterated that England were still on lane to be successful during a subsequent Rugby World Cup, meaningful that they would never go that distant but a defeat.

“That’s a ambition, we wish to win a World Cup,” he added.

“We never suspicion we could go to a World Cup in 2019 unbeaten, a existence of competition is that someone’s going to locate we on their day and that’s what happened today.”


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