Jokowi`s statue in Hong Kong to have batik outfit

Macau (ANTARA News) – The statue of Indonesian President Joko Widodo during a Madame Tussauds Wax Figure museum in Hong Kong will have a outfit changed, from his signature white symbol down shirt into one with a Batik print.

“The Batik shirt has been sent from a Presidential Palace, and it competence reinstate a white shirt that is now ragged by a presidents statue in a museum,” Consulate General of Indonesia Tri Tharyat in Macau settled on Wednesday.

Other than that, a LED shade commissioned behind a presidents polish statue can also vaunt a series of seeded tourism spots in Indonesia.

The shade itself had been commissioned given Jokowis revisit to a museum, during a Peak Tower complex, behind on May 1.

During a summer mangle season, most like today, a museum receives dozens of visitors from a day until night.

The Madame Tussauds Museum has reportedly partnered with a Indonesian Consulate General to give 50 percent bonus on sheet prices to Indonesian visitors.

The normal cost to enter a museum, that exhibits polish statues of world-renowned sum from those in politics to a party field, is during 265 Hong Kong Dollars, that is equal to about Rp450.5 thousand or US$33.90.

Indonesian visitors, however, can compensate half of a price to enter a museum by simply display a banking they can obtain from a Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong.

“Ever given a complement of Jokowis statue, a museum has perceived some-more and some-more visitors from Indonesia,” Tharyat revealed.

Jokowis statue is reportedly a usually one in a museum that depicts an obligatory personality of an ASEAN member country.

It was available that a sum of Indonesian traveller that had visited Hong Kong in 2016 reached 464,406 people, while for a initial half of 2017, from Jan to June, a sum of 248,253 Indonesians had visited Hong Kong, indicating a 15 percent boost compared to a same duration final year.

The sum of Hong Kong tourists who had visited Indonesia final year is available to usually strech 90 thousand people.(*)

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