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Jakarta expected to be much better governed: home minister

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo attended the Jakarta Regional Legislative Assembly’s special plenary session to mark this Indonesian capital city’s 492nd anniversary here on Saturday by expressing his optimism that the governance of the Jakarta provincial government would get much better in the future.

“It is better to offer services to the community members as the Jakarta residents are not only those holding theJakarta ID cards but also all Indonesians and also those from overseas that have rights to carry out activities in the capital city,” Kumolo told journalists after attending the special plenary session.

Kumolo also lauded the Jakarta security unit that he viewed as being able to maintain regional stability.

“We also praise the Regional Police, Regional Military Command, and Satpol PP (public order agency officers) that have been able to maintain order and security to ensure regional stability,” he emphasized.

Furthermore, Kumolo urged the Jakarta provincial government to closely assess the preparations of the annual 2020 budget program.

“Be cautious in connection with areas prone to corruption, especially those that include budget planning, grant funds, and social aid funds,” he stated.

The minister laid emphasis on the planning of budgeting and program assurance being the keyword, as Jakarta is one of the provinces that has more the 2018 unused funds (Silpa).

“The amount of these unused funds is more than Rp2 trillion, unfortunately,” Kumolo noted.

Kumolo said he believed that with a better budget planning and ensuring the program runs in accordance with DPRD’s oversight function, the Jakarta provincial government would be able to realize maximum benefits during the 2020 fiscal year.

“Specifically, it begins with the absorption of the budget in 2019,” he added.

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