Is this a finish of Daniel Cormier?


Has Jon Jones’ overwhelming knockout win during UFC 214 inadvertently put an finish to Daniel Cormier’s UFC career? Doug Mattushek offers his opinion.

The preamble

Despite Cormier cleaning out a light heavyweight division, his solitary detriment around preference to Jones in 2015 has always hung over his head, a fact that Jones never let him forget in a press conferences heading adult to UFC 214.

Jones worried Cormier, observant he wasn’t a genuine champion, yet rather a caretaker as he had not nonetheless flog Jones.

Here was Cormier – a multiplication champion and deliberate one of a biggest fighters of all-time – and nonetheless he indispensable a feat to infer himself. For a former Olympian, losing this quarrel was not an option.

The fight

The twin overwhelmed gloves, a tragedy tangible as they went to work on any other. Jones maybe had his nose in front on points when he struck Cormier flush on a impertinence with a high left flog in a third round.

The skinny Jones smelled blood and went true for a kill with absolute elbows and punches before arbitrate Big John McCarthy stopped a fight.

Minutes later, both fighters would be great in a octagon, yet for really opposite reasons.

The aftermath

Cormier, still confused from Jones’ barrage, argued with a referee, had a go during UFC trainer Dana White and was visibly angry, even refusing to mount alongside McCarthy for a proclamation of a winner.

But moments later, when UFC commentator Joe Rogan went opposite his possess words and shoved a mic underneath a fighter’s nose, a universe saw how most this meant to a visibly cracked Cormier.

“They pronounced we got kicked in a head. Man, that was so disappointing. we theory if we win both fights, there is no rivalry…”

Cormier looked as yet he was vital by his misfortune calamity right there in a octagon. Bleeding from that fatal strike, tears streaming, his face a pattern of a damaged male in his darkest moment, forced to acknowledge his failings to all and sundry.

The romantic stage might have been a warn to some, yet to Jones, it was accurately his design.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir suggested what Jones pronounced to him before he initial met Cormier during UFC 182.

“I have to mangle him,” Mir removed Jones saying.

“We’re gonna have to quarrel any other again. we need to mangle him. And if we locate him – if we hit him out with a knee or if we contention him – he can go home and have something to concentration on [where] that’s what happened, that’s what authorised me to win: we only held him.

“But if we vanquish him, if we flog him during what he does best…I’ll perpetually possess him.”

It took 8 rounds, a integrate drug suspensions and an arrest, yet Jones appears to have reached his idea in essay a final section of a Jones v Cormier feud…and maybe Cormier’s career altogether.

In light of this defeat, it’s puzzled a 38-year-old Cormier will lapse to a octagon. Jones was a final indomitable jump in a prolonged career, where Cormier has zero else left to achieve.

Farewell DC, we will be missed.


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