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Similarities Between Dutch and Indonesian

  • published: 20 Oct 2018
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In this video, we review some of a similarities between Dutch (Nederlands) and Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia), with Jelmer, a Dutch orator from a Netherlands, and Firman, an Indonesian orator from Indonesia. The Indonesian denunciation has been shabby by many other languages, and Dutch has been one of a vital languages to change bahasa Indonesia. It is estimated that a series of Dutch difference in a Indonesian denunciation are distant some-more than a ones from a other languages that have impacted Indonesian such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, and Persian.

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Dutch is a West Germanic denunciation and a central denunciation of a Netherlands and one of a 3 central languages of Belgium. It also binds central standing in Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. It is critical to note that a Afrikaans language, a Cape Dutch dialects of Southern Africa, is a jointly lucid daughter denunciation oral by a poignant series of people in South Africa and Namibia. Indonesian is a standardised register of Malay and a central denunciation of Indonesia. Indonesia is a multi-lingual nation and many Indonesians pronounce another language, however, a Indonesian denunciation is used as a lingua franca. Indonesian is also famous as minority la…

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