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Indonesian movie streaming apps expand consumer market

Singapore (ANTARA) – The expansion of online technology has shifted the pattern of how people access entertainment, which led an Indonesian online movie provider to expand its market by taking advantage of an international media forum event.

Goplay and Genflix, two Indonesian online movie streaming platforms, believed that the development in the market taste, especially among the younger generations, provides a good opportunity to attract millions of movie-watchers and such potential will continue to grow in 2020.

Managing Director of Genflix, Jimmy Kim, said that his company’s focus at the moment is to explore market opportunities, as well as opening cooperation potentials with local telecommunication providers and production houses.

“Not only that, we provide content, we also expand them,” he said to reporters in between the activities at the Singapore Media Festival in Singapore, Tuesday, December 3.

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In 2020, people would still gravitate towards entertaining content, especially among the millennial generation. For that reason, his company will continue to develop content with such an approach, at the same time expanding the network and consumer base, he continued.

The opportunity for development in movie-watchers and application users is still open wide, CEO of Gojek Entertainment Group, Edy Sulistyo, said in a different interview in Singapore, Tuesday.

The potential of 155 million Gojek app users posed as a strategic market for the expansion of Goplay, which was launched on September 26, he believed and added that Goplay, which has mainstreamed Indonesian films in their streaming app, has a solid fan base.

In terms of content, Edy also saw the quality of Indonesian films continue to rise. For that reason, they should be exposed not only to Indonesian consumers but also in the regional, even global stage.

“We want for the industry to keep expanding, and we will focus on Indonesian premium films, as well as other local content,” he said.

Their participation in the Singapore Media Festival 2019 served as steps to introduce and expand their consumer network and cooperation between media industry makers in the Asian region and globally, both Jimmy and Edy agreed.

The Singapore Media Festival is an annual event that provides a platform for the Asian media industry to network and exchange ideas, as well as expand their connectivity and business cooperation. 
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