Indonesia, New Zealand concur in doing terrorism

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesia and New Zealand have concluded to concur in doing terrorism, conduct of a National Agency for Combating Terrorism ( BNPT), Commissioner General Suhardi Alius stated.

“We have concluded to give information and communicate a ways to forestall and tackle terrorism respectively,” Suhardi Alius pronounced here on Wednesday.

General Suhardi Alius perceived Assistant Commissioner of New Zealand International and National Security Michael Pannet and officials of a New Zealand Embassy in Indonesia.

The assembly was used to sell practice on tackling terrorism in their particular countries, including how to understanding with unfamiliar militant fighters (FTF) that had been a critical hazard to countries in Southeast Asia

“There are some similarities in views and practices undertaken by Indonesia and New Zealand in requesting a soothing proceed to a family of radical groups,” he remarked.

One of them is implementing deradicalization program.

“We build Mosque and others,” he said.

New Zealand lauded a successful doing of underling informal assembly unfamiliar militant fighters and cranky limit terrorism in Manado, on Saturday (July 29).

The assembly was participated in by 6 countries namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Australia, and New Zealand.

New Zealand perceived critical feeback in propinquity to counterterrorism.

“During a meeting, we plead a expectation of unfamiliar militant fighters, a law coercion and a counterterrorism,” he revealed.(*)

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