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Indonesia critical for China’s economy

Several vital projects that have been using embody nickel and iron mines value US$995 million, a US$ 350 million concrete attention and a $310 million industrial estate expansion for rubber, cultivation and oil refineries.

One of a companies in Jiangsu also financed a expansion of an industrial park in East Kalimantan, that integrates a rural and industrial sectors.

The mercantile section that began handling actively given 2013 run by 8 companies value a sum of US$1.1 billion. Revenue on sales of several products generated from a industrial estates is approaching to strech US$2 billion by 2019.

The trade value of Indonesian products to Jiangsu also available a poignant boost of 54.8 percent in a initial half of 2017.

It indicates, according to YouFei, that a range located on Chinas eastern seashore has earnest trade links with Indonesia as good as other countries in Southeast Asia.

“This means that Jiangsus unfamiliar trade has good intensity for serve expansion in a future,” he said.

With a value of US$1.7 billion, Indonesia exported line in 2016 include of rural products such as rubber, rice, and palm oil; vegetable products such as steel and iron; as good as weave products.

Meanwhile, Jiangsus trade value to Indonesia in a initial half of 2017 reached 2.61 billion US dollars, an boost of 8.9 percent over a same duration final year. Jiangsus trade line to Indonesia are dominated by automatic and electrical products.

In further to Jiangsu, China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC) is eying some-more than 10 projects in Indonesia including construction of fee roads, ports, industrial zones and genuine estates.

“Our stream projects in Indonesia value about US$1.2 billion generally in infrastructure and genuine estates,” Vice President of CCCC International Pen Dapeng told Antara.

One of a biggest plan carried out by Beijing-headquartered association is a US$300 million of Solo-Kertosono fee highway that construction has started in 2016.

CCCC has also finished feasibility investigate reports for infrastructure projects in western Indonesia namely ring highway in Java Island, pier of Kuala Tanjung in North Sumatera, industrial section of Bitung in North Sulawesi as good as a genuine estate in Jakarta.

However, a construction proviso of those projects is still available capitulation from a Indonesian government.

Supported by a vast area and population, Indonesia is invariably appealing to Chinese investors for business development.

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