Indonesia calls for general insurance for Al-Aqsa

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi urged a Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) members to offer general insurance to a Al-Aqsa complex, Jerusalem, to opposite Israels assault and limitation opposite worshipping during a holy site.

Quoted from a Ministry of Foreign Affairs central website here on Wednesday, a summary was conveyed by Minister Marsudi during an Open-Ended Extraordinary Meeting of a OIC Executive Committee during a turn of Foreign Ministers in Istanbul, Turkey, on Tuesday.

“The OIC should collectively find general insurance for a Al-Aqsa formidable to grasp tolerable security, peace, and fortitude in a formidable and Palestine,” Minister Marsudi remarked.

Minister Marsudi endorsed that a occurrence in Al-Aqsa Mosque is a thoughtfulness of a oppressive policies that violate tellurian rights and a impact of Israels ongoing bootleg function of Palestine.

“Are we going to concede a Al-Aqsa occurrence to go on? We can't concede this to continue happening,” she stressed while addressing a unfamiliar ministers of OIC member countries.

Marsudi emphasized a need for OIC member countries to implement several forums, including a UN Security Council, to request vigour on Israel to change a aroused policies practical in Palestine and to approve with all UN resolutions associated to Palestine.

She also suggested that a OIC can immediately titillate a UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to reason a special assembly to plead a conditions of tellurian rights violations in Al-Aqsa.

“The occurrence that occurred in Al-Aqsa is not a initial one, though it is a form of assault and bootleg function and also acts that violate tellurian rights for that Israel contingency be hold accountable,” she noted.

Furthermore, Israel contingency revive fortitude and safeguard that a standing quo during a Al-Aqsa Mosque formidable is maintained.

The assembly in Istanbul also served as a height to reaffirm a significance of re-launching assent talks that are formed on a element of a two-state solution.

The outcome of a assembly is a Final Communique that contains several of Indonesias recommendations.

Prior to a Open-Ended Extraordinary Meeting of a OIC Executive Committee, Minister Marsudi had called all OIC member in Jakarta. In addition, a OIC has conducted a Meeting of Permanent Representatives Committee of OIC Members in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Jul 24, 2017, to plead a building conditions in Al-Aqsa.(*)

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