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India: box of murdered Dalit priest not taken seriously, contend victim’s friends

An aged priest in southern India has been found passed days after angry to a military about a sum of income blank from his bank account.

Neighbours of Vunnam Daniel, 65, from Tenali Mandal encampment in a south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh, alerted military after they listened his mobile phone constantly toll but being answered. He was found passed on 24 April.

Vunnam Daniel's temperament label (World Watch Monitor)
Vunnam Daniel’s temperament label (World Watch Monitor)

Daniel was final seen on 21 Apr after assembly encampment heads.

Daniel’s daughter, Sarah, told World Watch Monitor that 6 days earlier, on 15 April, her father told her he had been robbed. “He did not exhibit a amount. we suspicion it contingency be some 3 or 4 thousand rupees (c. US$50-75). we consoled my father and asked him to take caring of himself,” she said.

“I didn’t know that we would come behind to this encampment to see that my father had been killed.”

Daniel’s mother had been vital with their daughter to assistance her with a children. “My father lived all by himself; he would go wherever he gets called to preach, share a gospel and was always during assent with everyone. This vicious universe couldn’t mount him,” she said.

On Saturday (21 April) Daniel went to a military hire to record a box opposite a chairman he indicted of hidden his money. “The military pronounced they would need a matter from a bank to register a case,” his cousin, Dharma Rao, said.

The bend manager of Andhra Bank in Kolakuluru, where Daniel hold his account, told Andhra Pradesh journal Sakshi that Daniel came to him angry about blank money. The bank manager pronounced he released Daniel with a matter of his comment and asked him to lapse on Tuesday morning (24 April) with a duplicate of a First Information Report (FIR) he had filed with military on 21 April.

Dharma Rao told World Watch Monitor that Daniel sole some farming land 3 years ago, that should have brought in during slightest 800,000 rupees (c. US$12,000). Daniel deposited 600,000 rupees (c.US$9,000) in a bank for his grandchildren, and privileged past debts with a remaining amount, desiring he could afterwards only tarry on his old-age pension, that he was in a routine of requesting for, Rao said.

World Watch Monitor spoke to villagers who knew Daniel. They pronounced they believed he was taken advantage of since of his standing as a Dalit. “They [the police] get bought for income easily. We defence them by asking: ‘Why has this happened to priest Daniel alone?’ Because he comes from a reduce strata of society, and he is a good Christian whose voice they can ignore, and sack him of his money. They can suffer his income and kill him brutally. This is what we get if we are a Dalit and a Christian in this country,” pronounced one of a villagers, who did not wish to be named.

When asked if Daniel had approached a military for assistance and to protest about a spoliation and threats to his life, Police Inspector Chinna Mallaiah said: “No, he never came to us.” When asked if a spoliation had taken place, he pronounced a military had taken statements from villagers. The examiner did not exhibit a names of any suspects in tie with a murder. However, he did contend that military had charged different persons underneath a Indian Penal Code sections 420 (cheating, in propinquity to property) and 302 (murder).

Asked about a post-mortem, Inspector Mallaiah said: “It competence take a month for a autopsy news to be issued.”

Daniel’s associate villagers have complained that Inspector Mallaiah is not a right chairman to be questioning a case. They submitted a defence to a Deputy Superintendent of Police, observant a examiner had refused to accept a pastor’s complaint, and that they were endangered about his ability to control a satisfactory investigation.

“I have no strength to quarrel back. My father never did any misapplication to anyone. They took advantage of his innocence,” his daughter Sarah said.

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