House concurs to form fact-finding team probing poll officers’ deaths

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The House of Representatives (DPR) has assented to the formation of a joint fact-finding team to investigate the deaths and ailments of several thousand election officers during the 2019 general elections.

The DPR voiced its approval at a get-together with the Alliance of People Caring the Human Tragedy of the 2019 (AMP-ATM), according to the alliance’s press statement released on Wednesday.

The alliance reported the deaths of 604 election officers comprising 131 in West Java, 66 in South Kalimantan, 60 in East Java, and 44 in Central Java, since the simultaneous presidential and legislative elections organized across Indonesia on April 17, 2018.

The fact-finding team will be set up with the objective of unearthing the undeniable reason behind the demise of the election officers on the basis of clear and valid evidence rather than for engaging in a blame game. It also targets to clarify and pacify several rumors circulating regarding the cause of their deaths.

Din Syamsuddin, an alliance member, noted that the suggested joint fact-finding team will also offer a clear understanding to the people on the reason behind the deaths of poll officers.

“If (the cause of) their deaths is unclear, it will become an inherited sin and a historical burden for our nation,” he cautioned.

“If it (the cause of the deaths) remains unclear, they will forever be remembered as the foremost tragedy of democracy in the world,” he added.

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