Horner: Formula 1 is during a crossroads

With Formula 1’s new owners, Liberty Media, penetrating to get a post-2020 regulations beaten out earlier rather than later, new engine manners are already in discussion.

They are, however, proof divisive.

While some are wanting a competition to press on with hybrid technology, others such as Horner – a outspoken censor of a new engines – wish a lapse to louder, cheaper engines.

“I unequivocally wish that for Formula 1’s consequence there is a clever preference done that isn’t a compromise. The problem with a concede is that it doesn’t fit anybody,”  he told Sky Sports.

“We have seen all these manufacturers now signing adult to Formula E – that is where a record belongs and where a electric cars belong. Formula 1 is unequivocally during a crossroads since a energy section that is picked for 2021 onwards is substantially going to have between an 8 and 10-year life.

“What are people going to be pushing on a roads in 2030? Will they be autonomous? Will they be electric? If we listen to a Government, they’re observant they positively will be [electric].

“So Formula 1 is during a crossroads where it has to confirm what a destiny is. Is it undisguised racing? Is it explosion engines? Is it male and appurtenance wanting to know who a best driver, with a record maybe personification a somewhat obtuse role?

“I positively wish a regulations that are brought in post-2020 move those aspects to a forefront and that it is about a driver. Yes, a group should positively make a difference, though it shouldn’t be a energy unit-dominated formula, that is flattering most what we have today.”

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