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Hong Kong association penetrating to deposit in Pekalongan

Pekalongan, C Java (ANTARA News) – Bali Hydro System Company Ltd., a Hong Kong-based corporation, has voiced seductiveness to deposit in Pekalongan, Central Java.

Pekalongan Mayor Asip Kholbihi settled here on Wednesday that a city has mercantile intensity and abounding healthy resources that could offer as a magnet for a investors to deposit in Pekalongan.

“One of a unfamiliar investors that has already voiced seductiveness is a Hong Kong-based organisation Bali Hydro System Company Ltd. The house is operative in a fields of purify H2O management, rubbish disposal, health, environment, and power,” he noted.

Abundant inhabitant resources in Pekalongan, such as purify water, could be used to accommodate a publics needs in a Pekalongan and Batang area, he remarked.

“Regardless, a use of H2O is still not optimized. Hence, we need to have a vital breakthrough, so we can implement a resources for a advantage of a people,” he added.

Pekalongan Water Company Head Imam Sulistyo settled that H2O resources in Pekalongan are deliberate to be abounding nonetheless their supervision is low, as a outrageous volume of account is needed.

“Right now, around Rp250 billion is indispensable to urge a amenities with something some-more modernized to strech some-more people. Thus, a impasse of a Bali Hydro System Company will unequivocally assistance in a supervision (of a H2O supply network),” he noted.

He forked out that a supports will be employed to build some-more amenities and a H2O network as distant as 50 kilometers from a indicate of designation and will strech around 60 thousand consumers.

“We are blissful to have a investors entrance brazen to assistance in improving a H2O network. Of course, it should be finished in a good demeanour for a government, investor, and people,” he added.(*)

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