Health Ministry sends medical workers to remote areas

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  • published: 06 Dec 2011
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Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health caring visionaries, veteran artist, and owner of a women’s health and wellness village OwningPink.com. Discouraged by a broken, congenital health caring system, she left her medical use in 2007 usually to comprehend that we can quit your job, though we can’t quit your calling. This epiphany launched her on a tour of find that led her to turn a personality in a margin of mind/body medicine, that she blogs about during OwningPink.com and is essay about in her third book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013).

She teaches both patients and health caring professionals how to make a physique developed for miracles by recovering a mind and being healthy in all aspects of life, not only by compelling healthy behaviors like good nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep, though by enlivening health and flawlessness in relationships, work, artistic expression, spirituality, sexuality, finances, and critical environment. She is heading a series to feminize how health caring is perceived and delivered by enlivening collaboration, fostering self-healing, reconnecting health caring and spirituality, lenient patients to daub into a mind’s energy to reanimate a body, and enlivening women not to settle for being merely well, though to essay for critical vital, joyful, authentic lives full of “mojo.”

When not swelling a word, she chills out, paints, does yoga, and hikes in Marin County, CA with her father and daughter.

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Article source: https://article.wn.com/view/2017/08/31/Health_Ministry_sends_medical_workers_to_remote_areas/

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