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Habibie combined faith, piety with science, technology: Muhammadiyah

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Former President B.J. Habibie was able to combine faith and piety with science and technology in the modern era, General Chairman of the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir remarked.
“He was a moralist and rationalist who combined science and technology which is relevant for the Indonesian people in the modern era,” Nashir told reporters in Jakarta Wednesday.

There were not many figures in Indonesia who had complete character and quality as statesmen as well as progress figures. Habibie became an idol and role model of the nation’s young generation, Nashir said.

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Habibie was the first president in the reform era who laid the foundations of democratization which was a milestone for the new Indonesia, he said.

Although related to the New Order, Habibie appeared to be a statesman and democrat with words that were in line with his actions, Nashir noted.

Habibie was willing to accept public criticism elegantly, he said.

“Habibie is also the president and national figure who opened a new sheet of modern and advanced Indonesia,” Nashir said.

He conveyed his deep sorrow over Habibie’s death.

“We want to convey our deep sorrow over the death of Habibie. Hope his soul get the best place in the sight of Allah SWT. The Indonesian people must learn from Mr. Habibie,” he said.  

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