Government creates ongoing efforts to leave 17 Indonesians from Syria

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Government of Indonesia has continued a efforts to leave 17 Indonesians journey from ISIS in Raqqa, Syria.

Director of a Indonesian Citizens Protection of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lalu Muhammad Iqbal settled here on Thursday that a Indonesian supervision still has a lines of communication open with several groups statute regions in Syria, including a Kurdish Authority of Northern Syria, in tie with a 17 Indonesians.

“We have communicated with a internal authorities. However, a confidence condition on a margin done it difficult. Several opposite groups have taken control over a region,” Iqbal remarked.

During a initial communication, a supervision had sought some-more information on a review news concerning a 17 Indonesians for a final dual months.

“We perceived information that they are not fighters. They had been in Raqqa for their initial 40 days, and thereafter, they were sent to jail and siege houses until they fled with a assistance of a third celebration on Jun 10,” Iqbal revealed.

The 17 Indonesians contain 12 women and 5 men. Among them are a 13-year-old teen and dual underage children.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had perceived information in Jun saying that a 17 Indonesians were in Ain Issa and Kobane, Syria, located around 500 kilometers from Erbil, a collateral of a Kurdistan informal government.

The Indonesians were in a segment tranquil by one of a Anti-ISIS Kurdish coterie in Northern Syria, Iqbal said.

Earlier on Wednesday, AP reported that a internal Kurdish central and a mouthpiece pronounced that a 17 Indonesians were handed over to member of their nation and have left Syria.

However, a Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has nonetheless to endorse a information and pronounced that a supervision is stability a efforts to leave 17 of a adults from Syria.(*)

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