Government gains improved picture in a quarrel opposite corruption

Padang, W Sumatra (ANTARA News) – A consult jointly hold by Polling Center and Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) showed that a supervision of President Joko Widod (Jokowi) has warranted softened picture in a quarrel opposite crime in 2017.

“The consult involving 2,235 respondents showed that a supervision softened a picture in 2017 than in 2016,” Program Manager of Campaign Division of ICW Siti Julian Tari, pronounced here on Thursday.

Siti pronounced 20 percent of a 2,235 respondents pronounced “very satisfied,” with a supervision movement opposite corruption, and 49 percent pronounced a supervision was “serious” in a bid to stamp out crime from a country, 21 percent pronounced “not serious”, 3 percent “very many not critical and 7 percent pronounced “not knowing.”

In 2016, usually 10 percent of 2,000 respondents pronounced “very serious” and 52 percent pronounced “serious” with 28 percent observant “not serious” and 3 percent observant really many not serious.”

However, a peoples recognition in holding partial in a quarrel opposite crime was still comparatively low, Siti said.

According to a 2,235 respondents a biggest purpose in a quarrel opposite crime is played by a Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), with a President played a second many critical role.

KPK accounted for 63 percent and a boss for 37 percent of a quarrel opposite corruption, Siti said, quoting a survey.

Around 15 percent of a respondent also pronounced that a people also played a purpose in a quarrel opposite crime and 28 percent pronounced military contributed to a fight.

The survey, that concerned respondents from 177 regencies and cities in Indonesia, was hold from Apr to Jun 2017.(*)

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