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Family receives body of Singaporean who drowned in Banten waters

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Kramat Jati Police Hospital’s Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) personnel managed to identify a Singaporean tourist, who had drowned after diving into the waters of Sangiang Island, Serang District, Banten Province, in October.

On Wednesday, the body of the deceased Wan Bzng Yang was handed over by the Indonesian police hospital’s authorities to the victim’s family through the Embassy of Singapore in Jakarta.

Head of the Kramat Jati Police Hospital’s Forensic Unit Commissioner Edy Purnomo stated that the hospital’s DVI personnel had received Yang’s body in a decomposed state on Oct 11, 2019.

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Purnomo recalled that the doctors found it difficult to identify the victim, with the only remnant clue being his black scuba diving pants.

The victim was finally identified as Wan Bzang Yang after the hospital’s DVI personnel worked for over a month.

“The autopsy takes time since after drowning, the body lays submerged in the sea waters for several days owing to which decomposition sets in, thereby contributing to damage to the DNA samples,” he explained.

Purnomo claimed his party had coordinated with the Singaporean Embassy in Jakarta, through the Interpol network, to trace the victim’s family members to obtain their DNA samples to assist the DVI team members to complete their task at hand.

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