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Fact-finding team being formed to save democracy: Gerindra

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The proposed formation of a fact-finding team on the 2019 election fraud was aimed at saving democracy in Indonesia, a senior functionary of the Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party, Ahmad Muzani, has said.

“Everything conducted by a civil society coalition is good, and whether these are from a civilian alliance affiliated with a candidate pair or not, all these efforts are focused on saving democracy,” Muzani, who is Secretary General of the Central Executive Board of Gerindra, stated after meeting Sandiaga here, Tuesday.

Currently, the National Winning Board of the Prabowo-Sandi pair is still receiving reports on alleged election fraud that are being verified, validated and authenticated, Muzani revealed.

These reports should not be rejected because they can be used as strong evidence of election fraud when taken to Bawaslu, according to him.


“The principle is that everyone’s vote must be respected and saved, and no voter’s efforts should be ignored,” he noted.

Therefore, the Prabowo-Sandi pair’s National Winning Board intends to take up these issues on behalf of the people and protect their sovereignty. It believes whatever steps are taken to improve the voting process should be implemented in the future and not just remain as a rhetoric used during an election.


The board had a special team to handle data on alleged election fraud, Muzani said.

“All of our reports were received and have been overseen by a number of teams working at the board level,” he added. 


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