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Avatar executive James Cameron invests in verdient dishes and Canadian organic tillage industry

  • September 27, 2017

SASKATOON (ANTARA News)– Oscar-winning film executive James Cameron and his mother Suzy Amis Cameron announced now a arrangement of Verdient Foods Inc. On Sep 18th, 2017, Verdient Foods non-stop a new beat food estimate trickery in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan, nearby a province’s largest city, Saskatoon. Once entirely operational, a 160,000 metric-ton trickery will turn a largest organic pea protein fractionation trickery in North America.

The Camerons are dedicated to operative with Saskatchewan farmers in a mentorship module to yield a essential structure to keep younger generations of Canadian farmers intent in organic farming. James Cameron said, We are operative with Saskatchewan farmers by a Verdient Foods estimate trickery and Saskatoon’s Food Centre to confederate food prolongation with new value-added products.

Added Suzy Amis Cameron: For years, we’ve been on a goal to assistance a universe eat healthy food grown by farmers who have selected to plantation organically. Jim and we are anxious to work with Saskatchewan experts during a Food Centre, a University of Saskatchewan, and a Whitecap Dakota First Nation; all of whom have prolonged been supporters of a goal to move healthy food to all.

Verdient Foods recognizes a augmenting tellurian direct for sustainable, organic plant-based protein. Its operations embody a state-of-the-art beat stand estimate trickery formed in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan; a heart of Saskatchewan’s pulse-crop prolongation area.

PMC Management LLC (PMC) is a handling association for Verdient Foods Inc. PMC creates and implements vital and operational government initiatives for businesses in a tolerable agri-commodity, agri-food and genuine estate industries (industrial and farmland) around a creation while adhering to a personal values that a high net value clients seek.

Partnered with a Camerons and PMC is Alpha Foods, that is committed to bringing clean, sustainable, non-GMO, animal-free dishes to all.


Verdient Foods concentration is value-added estimate of proteins, starches and fibres extracted from Saskatchewan-produced beat crops regulating a dry fractionation process. Visit

PMC Management LLC (PMC) is a handling association for Verdient Foods Inc. PMC is an experienced, dedicated group who develop, structure and conduct vital businesses that secure financial earnings from socially unwavering and value-driven investments. Visit

Alpha Foods understands a needs and trends of a food industry, and develops innovative solutions to a tellurian problem. Visit


Mr. Cameron is a Canadian filmmaker, father, and deep-sea explorer. His films have perceived countless Academy Awards and nominations. Among other projects, Mr. Cameron is now filming sequels to a film Avatar. For some-more information about a filmography of Mr. Cameron, see

Source: Verdient Foods Inc.

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