Digital series increases mercantile growth: BI

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The function of a digital series in a mercantile activities could boost a economy to grow by 7 percent (year on year), compared to a stream expansion rate of around 5 percent (year on year).

“The expansion of digital companies has increasing significantly both in a trade of products and services (e-commerce), payment, and financing. The series of internet users who emporium online on 2016 has reached 24.74 million people,” a Governor of Bank Indonesia, Agus Martowardojo pronounced here on Wednesday.

In a calculation of BI, during 2016, a users of electronic commerce (e-commerce) had spent Rp75 trillion.

In further to e-commerce, digital series in Indonesia overwhelmed a financial zone since a series of financial record companies in Indonesia grew by 78 percent in a final dual years (2015-2016).

However, he noted, a intensity of digital series and vast information services are still really large. Many Indonesians have not perceived advantages from a digital revolution.

It was seen from a ratio between a series of internet users and a series of people in Indonesia that was about 51 percent in 2016.

“The figure is still distant from a adjacent countries, such as Malaysia 71 percent and Thailand 67 percent,” he said.

The bad peculiarity of internet services and low investment in information record caused a low ratio between a series of internet users and a series of people in a country.

“IT investment in pivotal sectors contributing to mercantile expansion such as production and mining is still comparatively low,” he stated.

If a obstacles in a function of digital record can be overcome, a mercantile digitization can yield combined value of US$150 billion to 2025 sum domestic product (GDP).

In new years, Bank Indonesia has employed a optimized vast information services to support decision-making process.

Big information services can strengthen decision-making routine in monetary, financial markets, financial complement stability, remuneration complement and others.

“If a ongoing digital series can be employed properly, a mercantile expansion can mount during 7 percent each year,” he said.(*)

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