Darmin Nasution describes as illogical idea that economy is weakening

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Senior Economics Minister, Darmin Nasution, has described as ungrounded idea that a country’s economy is weakening.

“That opinion about weakening is groundless. The domicile expenditure grew usually 4.95 percent descending brief of a aim of 5 percent yet it was a June’s calculation usually before Ied ul Fitri,” Nasution pronounced here on Tuesday, adding in June, a finish of a fasting month, many people saved their income for Ied ul Fitri.

He pronounced a mercantile enlargement in a second entertain of 2017 “was not bad yet not really good.”

“The combination of total in a appurtenance of a country’s mercantile enlargement is utterly balanced. The expenditure is utterly good, investment, exports and imports are also utterly encouraging. The usually one not adult to expectancy is supervision spending,” he said.

By sectors, a agriculture, services, all are on a right track, he said, adding, yet not all were as good as expected, it was usually in a second quarter.

“The aim for mercantile enlargement of 5.2 percent is for a year,” he forked out.   

He also disagreed with idea that a purchasing energy of a people is weakening, observant a purchasing energy of a people should be gauged accurately with convincing indicator, not usually formed on sell data.

Earlier, a Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) reported that Indonesia’s economy grew 5.01 percent in a second entertain of this year.

Gross bound collateral formation, that grew 5.35 percent, domicile consumption, that grew 4.95 percent, exports that grew 3.36 percent, imports that grew 0.55 percent and expenditure of non distinction establishment portion households (LNPRT) that grew 8.49 percent, contributed to a mercantile expansion.

The disastrous cause was 1.93 percent contraction in a supervision expenditure as polite menial spending and good spending forsaken in a same duration in 2016.

Therefore cumulatively, a nation mercantile enlargement was 5.01 percent in a initial half of 2017. The aim for mercantile enlargement set by a supervision in a 2017 state bill was 5.2 percent.

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