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Coptic clergyman charged with disregard of sacrament for questions about Muhammad

A Coptic clergyman during an Egyptian state propagandize has been charged with disregard of sacrament after including wordplays in a set of questions about Islam’s prophet, Muhammad.

Magdy Farag Samir, 49, a clergyman of amicable studies during Barot Preparatory School for Girls in Beni Suef Governorate, asked his students: “Where was a soothsayer Muhammad born?” He afterwards suggested 3 options: 1. Yathrib (in Saudi Arabia). 2. Mecca (also in Saudi Arabia) 3. Hafiza Abo Tartour (Abo Tartour is a encampment in Egypt, though also a word for a cone hat).

He also asked: “Who was a helper of a soothsayer Muhammad?” The dual options were: 1. Halima Al-Saadia (the scold answer). 2. Halima Bta’at El ta’amiya (“Bta’at El ta’amiya” translates as “a seller of falafel”, a Middle Eastern dish).

Beni Suef Directorate of Education perceived a censure opposite a Coptic clergyman following an insult to a soothsayer Muhammad (World Watch Monitor)
Beni Suef’s Directorate of Education perceived an central censure opposite Magdy Samir for his purported heresy (World Watch Monitor)

“The students and their relatives deliberate this as an insult to a soothsayer Muhammad and Islam,” pronounced a relations of a teacher, who did not wish to be named, “But Magdy didn’t meant any kind of insult, he did that usually to promote a right answers to a dual questions.”

Samir was forced to send to a opposite propagandize following a incident, that took place in December, though a relatives of his former students also submitted a grave censure opposite him to a governorate’s Directorate of Education, that was afterwards sent to a Public Prosecution Office for investigation.

On 14 March, Samir was arrested and charged with disregard of religion. He was primarily incarcerated for 4 days, though a day after his apprehension was extended to 15 days, tentative investigation.

“The series of Jun 2013 was ostensible to get absolved of a eremite regime,” a tellurian rights romantic from Minya, who also did not wish to be named, told World Watch Monitor, “But this has not been achieved so far. Many Copts are being charged with disregard of sacrament and jailed for zero … since a series forsaken a Muslim Brotherhood though left their beliefs unchanged.”

Convictions for disregard of sacrament are 'harsh' opposite Copts - Coptic counsel (World Watch Monitor)
Convictions for disregard of sacrament are “harsh” opposite Copts – Coptic counsel (World Watch Monitor)

“Egypt’s law of disregard of sacrament usually relates to one side – Islam,” he added. “Crimes of disregard in Egypt usually impute to disregard of Islam.”

A Coptic counsel from Beni Suef, who again wished to sojourn anonymous, told World Watch Monitor: “The legal complement has recently discriminated opposite Copts and perpetrated injustice. Copts face legal taste many blatantly in prosecutions for blasphemy.”

Convictions for disregard of sacrament are “harsh” opposite Copts, pronounced another Coptic lawyer, from Cairo. “The indicted chairman is charged with several offences, such as ‘provoking narrow-minded strife’ and ‘contempt of religion’. This is finished in sequence to boost a tenure of their incarceration,” he said.

“People indicted of disregard of Islam are not usually authorised by a courts though also ostracised by their community, who force Copts to leave their homes,” a counsel added, observant nonconformist Muslims play a poignant purpose in cases of disregard of Islam filed opposite Christians – by convention in front of courts to put vigour on judges.

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