Contract CO ASD TUG during Pesona Marine – Jakarta Jobs

TUG – How To Be A Caveman

  • published: 08 Aug 2014
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Welcome to TUG! Our proprietor caveman, Simon, shows us how to get started in TUG. Taking us by a day in a life of antiquated man, a guys uncover us how to start a fire, how to prepare food, how to qualification tools, how to hunt goats and learn new gods in this new sandbox RPG!
Next episode: http://youtu.be/tH3bPHvCPJM

TUG, The Untitled Game, is built with a village in mind. Modders, map makers, YouTubers, we name it. We’re gay to be display off this diversion and we can’t wait to see what else comes in a future!

TUG is about exploration, discovery, crafting, survival, role-playing, adventure, and science. It’s called The Untitled Game since this is yours, and we have nonetheless to name it.

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