Children’s book launched to foster Indonesian culture, wildlife

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  • published: 30 Aug 2014
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Land of dragons is a full documentary that shows us a Komodo dragon, one of a animals many feared by male who lives in a jungle of indonesia.
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02:15 During a glaciations of a Pleistocene era, a frigid icecaps increasing in size, and a turn of a sea fell. Some islands, now famous as Indonesia, remained removed while others became assimilated to a continent. Java was one of these. Once a glaciation was over, a sea returned to a strange level, and Java once some-more became an island, cut off from mainland Asia.

08:25 Isolation gave arise to many autochthonous species, and implausible biological diversity. In some cases, a class are disdainful to a archipelago, or might be even be limited to a singular island. This is a box of a second largest cow in a world, a banteng. This is a box of a second largest cow in a world, a banteng. Unlike man, few predators would even try to fell a chase of this size. Their categorical rivalry lies dark in a inlet of a jungle, where it is probably invisible.
It is a largest predator on a island, an animal feared and worshiped by male given ancient times, a tiger.

11:36 It was precisely on this island, Java, that a initial explorers found one of a many puzzling animals of a archipelago. The Javan rhinoceros is one of a rarest mammals on earth.

16:05 In a coral embankment coexist many species. The sea fauna and flora have here found conditions enlightened to lif…

Article source: https://article.wn.com/view/2017/05/26/children_8217s_book_launched_to_promote_indonesian_culture_w/


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