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Karambangan song in Leboni, Central Sulawesi

  • published: 27 Mar 2015
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Leboni is a tiny encampment on a corner of Lake Poso, high in a plateau of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Its inhabitants are roughly all one large family, transmigrant Rampis from a district of North Luwu in South Sulawesi. In one common home, situated within a cacao camp subsequent to a large Saluopa Waterfall, live a family of musicians who play a singular character of guitar-based song called karambangan.

This singular family rope has taken Portuguese-inspired fingerpicked guitar and Christian hymn-inspired outspoken harmonies and combined homemade ukeleles, bamboo flutes called seruling, and a one-stringed bent instrument, borrowed from a internal Pamona people, called geso-geso. The elementary chords and homespun orchestration lay a substructure for communication sung in a internal languages of Pamona and Rampi.

-Text by Palmer Keen…

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