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State airfield company, Borobudur government support tourism

  • April 07, 2019

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The State-owned Airport Services Company, PT Angkasa Pura I, cooperates with PT Taman Wisata Borobudur Prambanan Ratu Boko / TWC (Persero) in sequence to support a operation of Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo district  and growth of a 10 priority tourism destinations.

The team-work of a dual state-owned enterprises includes formulating tourism debate to foster Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang (or supposed Joglosemar). These 3 areas located in Central Java segment are a categorical traveller attractions and priority destinations with a iconic Borobudur Temple.

“Angkasa Pura we has an airfield and on a other palm TWC has tourism content. So we settle team-work to attract some-more tourists,” Angkasa Pura we Director of Marketing and Services Devy Suradji pronounced in a created matter perceived by Antara here Sunday.

He remarkable that a team-work allows a dual sides to conduct a tourism information center, holding corner graduation highway outing and corner merchandising.

In addition, Yogyakarta Kulon Progo International Airport has several intensity branding spots that can be employed by TWC to foster tourism.

According to TWC President Director Edy Setijono, Joglosemar is a opening of Yogyakarta and Central Java for tourists who revisit a areas.

Joglosemar, he added, was also a favorite finish for tourists who attend in Java-Bali landline debate packages, and journey boat tourists as they stop during Tanjung Emas Port, Semarang.

“However, now accessibility is still a vital problem to strech dual million unfamiliar tourists aim in 2019,” Edy said.

However, he is confident that a operation of Yogyakarta International Airport, that will turn one of a largest airports in Indonesia, will turn a new opening for unfamiliar and domestic tourists to strech a Joglosemar area.

Airport progress

The swell of a construction of a Yogyakarta International Airport, that is one of a National Strategic Projects (PSN), now has reached 90 percent for a operational phase.

Meanwhile, a altogether swell has reached 45 percent. The Yogyakarta International Airport will offer 6 general flights per day eliminated from Adisutjipto Airport.

“International flights are approaching to be operational by a finish of Apr 2019. The flights are dual flights to and from Singapore and 4 flights to and from Kuala Lumpur,” Devy noted.

Yogyakarta International Airport is approaching to be in full operation by a finish of this year. With a depot area of 210 thousand block meters and a runway of 3,250 x 45 meters long, this airfield will be means to accommodate far-reaching physique aircraft.

In addition, this airfield has a ability of 14 million passengers per year, 9 times bigger than that of Adisutjipto Airport.

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