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Low acceleration confirmed in March: BI

  • April 05, 2019

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Mar 2019 saw low and tranquil inflation. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) available a 0.11 percent (mtm) acceleration in a stating duration to invert a 0.08 percent (mtm) deflation reported a prior month.

The categorical motorist of inflationary pressures in Mar 2019 was administered prices (AP), resisting agree core acceleration and deflation of flighty dishes (VF), Executive Director of BI Communication Department Onny Widjanarko pronounced in a matter here on Friday.

On an annual basis, therefore, CPI acceleration stood during 2.48 percent (yoy) in a stating period, down from 2.57 percent (yoy) a prior month.

Bank Indonesia will continue to consistently means cost fortitude and strengthen process coordination with a Central Government and Regional Administrations to safeguard low and fast acceleration in pursuit of a aim mezzanine for 2019, namely 3.5 percent+1 percent.

Inflationary pressures on administered prices (AP) edged upwards in a stating duration as a outcome of rising airfares.

AP acceleration was available during 0.08 percent (mtm) in Mar 2019, adult somewhat from 0.06 percent (mtm) a prior month. Airfares were a categorical writer to aloft AP inflation, resisting a deflationary pressures on fuels and electricity rates.

Annually, therefore, administered prices available a 3.25 percent (yoy) acceleration in a stating period, descending from 3.38 percent (yoy) in a prior period.

Core acceleration slowed from 0.26 percent (mtm) in Feb 2019 to 0.06 percent (mtm) in Mar 2019.

House rentals, bullion trinket and homeworkers’ salary were a pivotal drivers of core acceleration in a stating period.

Annually, core acceleration stood during 3.03 percent (yoy), down somewhat from 3.06 percent (yoy) a prior month. Policy coherence by Bank Indonesia to anchor receptive acceleration expectations, including measures to say a rupiah in line with a currency’s elemental value, tranquil core inflation.

Volatile dishes (VF) gifted deflationary pressures in Mar 2019 in line with anniversary trends.

Volatile dishes available 0.02 percent (mtm) deflation in a stating period, reversing a 1.30 percent (mtm) acceleration posted a prior month.

VF deflation stemmed from cost corrections inspiring thoroughbred duck meat, rice, uninformed fish, thoroughbred duck eggs, tomatoes and carrots.

In contrast, a prices of shallots, garlic, papaya and red chillies continued to rise. Annually, VF acceleration stood during 0.16 percent (yoy), down from 0.33 percent (yoy) a prior month.


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