Italy continues to uncover seductiveness in N Sulawesi coconut flour

Manado, N Sulawesi  (ANTARA News) – Italy continues to uncover seductiveness in coconut flour products from North Sulawesi with a European nation recording extremely high demand.

“Thirty-eight tons of coconut flour products were exported to Italy in a commencement of October, generating US$61,375 value of unfamiliar sell for a country,” Head of Foreign Trade multiplication of a North Sumatra Industry and Trade Agency, T Hasudungan, pronounced in Manado, North Sumatra, on Friday.

“Exporters should take advantage of this opportunity,” Hasudungan added, anticipating that in a future, trade of flour to Italy will continue to increase.

“Export of coconut flour to Italy is an event for North Sulawesi to boost a seeded products exports to even some-more countries in a world,” he remarked.

Coconut flour is one of North Sulawesis many renouned line among unfamiliar consumers, compared to other products.

“The marketplace for North Sulawesi coconut flour is widespread good over a European region, and covers Asia, America, Australia and Africa as well,” he informed.

Compared to other coconut subsequent products, including Crude Coconut Oil (CCO), coconut flour has indeed penetrated some-more markets in a world, though volume wise, CCO is still predominant, that is because it is famous to be a biggest unfamiliar sell generator for North Sumatra.(*)

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