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Global CPO cost in Feb rises 5 percent: GAPKI

  • April 04, 2019

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association (GAPKI) forked to a 5 percent arise in a tellurian wanton palm oil (CPO) price, reaching US$556.50 per metric ton in February, than $530.70 per metric ton in January.

The tellurian CPO cost hovered in a operation of $542.50-$572.50 per metric ton in February, GAPKI Executive Director Mukti Sardjono remarkable in a created matter expelled on Tuesday.

“The tellurian CPO cost shot adult following a diminution in a palm oil bonds in Indonesia and Malaysia and of other unfeeling oils in many writer nations,” he remarked.

Sardjono settled that Indonesia’s exports of CPO and a derivatives of biodiesel and oleochemical in Feb gifted a 11 percent dump by volume, reaching 2.88 million tons, from 3.25 million tons available in a prior month.

The shortfall was given Feb has obtuse series of days as compared to January, he noted.

Meanwhile, a exports of CPO, palm heart oil or PKO and derivatives, incompatible oleochemical and biodiesel, forsaken to scarcely 11 percent, from 3.1 million tons in January, to 2.77 million tons in February.

February’s exports comprised 852.30 thousand tons of CPO, while derivatives constituted a remaining, he noted.

In comparison with January, a Feb exports of Indonesia’s CPO and a derivatives to a United States forsaken 48 percent; Pakistan, 41 percent; China, 22 percent; Africa, 16 percent; and India, 14.5 percent.

However, a exports of CPO and derivatives to a European Union available a 27 percent boost and an 8 percent boost in exports to Bangladesh.

As of Feb 2019, Indonesia’s palm oil bonds reached 2.50 million tons, a dump of 17 percent than 3.02 million tons a month earlier.

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