Turkey: date set for hearing of US priest Andrew Brunson

A print of a Rev. Andrew Brunson during his time in prison. Photo pleasantness of World Witness
A print of a Rev. Andrew Brunson during his time in prison. Photo pleasantness of World Witness

Imprisoned US priest Andrew Brunson is set to mount hearing before a Turkish rapist justice on 16 Apr on espionage- and terrorism-related charges that could jail him for adult to 35 years.

Seventeen months after a pastor’s detain in a pier city of Izmir, a grave complaint supposed by a Izmir 2nd Criminal Court has been expelled to Brunson and his counsel – though usually after a 62-page request was leaked illegally to a Turkish media.

According to Brunson’s lawyer, Ismail Cem Halavurt, “the leaking of a complaint before a parties have seen it amounts to a defilement of confidentiality”.

Halavurt now has reduction than a month, before a hearing hearings open, to inspect a prosecution’s authorised record of a investigations. As purported justification ancillary a indictment’s claims opposite his client, a whole set of papers has been kept hermetic until now.

The Turkish complaint accuses Brunson of links with both of Turkey’s many distinguished militant organisations: a FETO network of Islamic minister Fethullah Gülen, indicted of orchestrating a Jul 2016 attempted coup; and a outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), heading a 35-year armed separatist onslaught opposite a Turkish state.

The accusations opposite a priest rest heavily on a testimony of several “secret” witnesses interrogated by a prosecution. One declare claimed Brunson had met frequently with a internal personality of a FETO network; underneath charge questioning, a priest denied meaningful or ever assembly a named individual, and pronounced he had never “knowingly or willingly” met with any FETO member.

Last June, spokesman Soner Tufan of a Association of Protestant Churches in Turkey challenged a deceptive accusations opposite Brunson appearing in a pro-government press, saying: “Let a law proceed. Put onward a evidence, if we have any, and start a hearing as shortly as possible. Justice is all we want.”

Once Brunson’s complaint was finished open final week, Tufan commented in an Al-Monitor interview: “This is an obscure of reason. To explain that Andrew was a FETO executive and sought to destroy this nation is like an insult and offense to reason. Who would trust such a thing? He has spent an critical partial of his life perplexing to stay in this country, revelation about Jesus in all his sermons and works. How could such a chairman be a member or a executive of an Islamic order?”

“Andrew Brunson is an trusting person,” Tufan told World Watch Monitor currently (21 March). “The complaint does not enclose any genuine evidence. There is no genuine authorised explanation to use opposite him. It is a really domestic warrant case. That is since [the Turkish authorities] had to direct a misfortune punishment opposite him, to make him some-more valuable.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced plainly final September that he was peaceful to sell Brunson for Fethullah Gülen, a Turkish Muslim minister vital in outcast in a US, who is indicted by Ankara of masterminding a unsuccessful coup. This January, Erdoğan went on to state that he would exclude to extradite any jailed “suspects” to a United States until Washington hands over Gülen.

From his jail dungeon in Izmir, Brunson recently wrote: “Let it be clear. we am in jail not for anything we have finished wrong, though since of who we am – a Christian pastor. we desperately skip my mother and children. Yet we trust this to be true: it is an honour to humour for Jesus Christ, as many have before me. My deepest interjection for all those around a universe who are station with me and praying for me.”

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Article source: https://www.worldwatchmonitor.org/2018/03/turkey-date-set-trial-us-pastor-andrew-brunson/