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Preacher to a FARC reflects on better of Colombia’s assent deal

  • April 13, 2017

For some-more than 50 years, Colombia had been during fight with itself. In Oct 2016, after 4 years of assent talks brokered by Cuba, a Colombian supervision and a rebels of a Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, brought a assent offer to Colombia’s voters.

Then, Colombia’s divided voters narrowly said no.

It was a reversal for assent understanding and for Russell Stendal, whose years of Christian method to insurgent leaders helped make a understanding probable in a initial place.

An American who has lived in Colombia given childhood, Stendal’s Colombia for Christ goal has built dozens of radio transmitters, by that he broadcasts Christian programming into remote pockets of a nation that are over a strech of a executive government’s influence. At a negotiating tables in Havana, some of a FARC’s tip commanders could be heard vocalization as if they had been unchanging listeners of a broadcasts. Key leaders of a communist-inspired rebellion had supposed Christ.

Stendal was kidnapped in a early 1980s by a rebels. He has endured setbacks before. This month in Brazil, he spoke about Colombia’s prolonged highway toward assent during a religious-liberty conference, afterwards sat down with World Watch Monitor for a brief discussion. His edited remarks — accompanied by a rather squeaky chair — can be listened by clicking on a play symbol on a audio actor below.

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