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Pancasila remains supreme guiding star amid nation’s pluralism

  • June 01, 2019

Biak, Papua (ANTARA) – Pancasila is a guiding beacon for Indonesia amid pluralism that can be interwoven into the national identity through Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Commander of the Air Force Operations Command III Marshal of the TNI stated.

“Pancasila, as the basis of the state, the ideology of the state, and the nation’s view of life that was unearthed by the founders of the nation is an incomparable gift from God, the Almighty, to the Indonesian people,” Commander of the Air Force Operations Command III Marshal of the TNI Andyawan Martono P. stated during the commemoration of the anniversary of Pancasila in Biak, Papua, on Saturday.

Andyawan affirmed that all Indonesians should continue to fight for upholding the principles of Pancasila, as a fundamental belief and conviction.

He firmly believes that the process of applying the values of Pancasila must be imbibed by all Indonesians with a pure heart and be applied and upheld at all costs.

He quoted President Joko Widodo’s message that commemorating and celebrating Pancasila’s birthday every June 1 was a necessity.

“First, we attempt to recall and reflect on the historical momentum through which the founding fathers succeeded in exploring the fundamental values of Indonesia as the foundation of the nation, so that the diverse archipelagic countries could unite as one,” he stated.

“To respect the services of the nation’s founders and concurrently bolster our commitment to the country’s ideology, we commemorate Pancasila as part of the nation’s pride,” he noted.

At the conclusion of his mandate, Andyawan reiterated five points, with the first being that the debate on the birth of Pancasila was no longer needed. What is the pressing need henceforth is how all can practice and safeguard Pancasila concurrently and constantly.

The second emphasis was on building togetherness and aspiring to welcome a better nation and state of life.

Pancasila, as a guiding star, embodies Indonesia’s vision and mission that provides orientation, direction in the face of struggles, and future national development. Pancasila is the positive energy of the nation.

“Pancasila continues to offer hope for the future, particularly in realizing the vision and mission of the Indonesian people,” he stated.

Andyawan has admitted that as a pluralistic nation, diversity that exists naturally and culturally must be managed and developed to build a “Tamansari Kebudayaan” that enables all living things to grow in accordance with a healthy ecosystem.

“Indonesia for all of us and Pancasila is the home of us all. Hence, we require awareness and understanding for mutual respect and working together to solve existing problems,” he noted.

Such conditions can develop through democratic citizenship and political culture that can foster and care for hope and not politics that triggers fear.

“We are Indonesia, ‘Kita Pancasila’ is a person, who is confident, optimistic, and hopeful in looking at the future as a developed, just, and prosperous nation,” he affirmed.

He has invited all components to unify in building a nation to realize the order of life of a society that is harmonious, peaceful, and just in prosperity and prosperous in justice.
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