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  • October 14, 2021
  • Russian
    President Vladimir Putin declined to answer questions about his possible successor,
    saying such talk “destabilises” the situation.
  • In
    the interview with CNBC, Putin refused to be drawn on whether he planned to remain
    in office after 2024.
  • Russian
    authorities adopted constitutional amendments that allow Putin to remain in
    power until 2036, and unleashed unprecedented crackdowns on opposition.

– Russian President Vladimir Putin said talk of his possible successor
“destabilises” the country’s political system and that he had not yet
made any plans about his future.

in an interview with CNBC, Putin, 69, refused to say whether he planned to
remain in the Kremlin after 2024, when his current and second consecutive presidential
term ends.

about this destabilises the situation,” he told the US television channel
in the interview aired overnight.

Putin added:

noting he could legally run for president again, Putin, who has been in power
as president or prime minister for more than two decades, said he had not made
any decisions yet.

prefer not to answer these questions,” he said. “There’s plenty of
time before the next elections.”

authorities last year adopted constitutional amendments that allow Putin to
remain in power until 2036 and have since unleashed a historic crackdown on the
opposition and independent media.

opposition has criticised the constitutional legislation, saying Putin planned
to become “president for life”.

some political pundits do not rule out that Putin may be preparing to step down
in the near future and point to multiplying signs of infighting among the

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